Affinity Benefits & Medical Assistance


Very useful and uniquely designed and specialized insurance programs with affordable premiums and high quality standards, appropriate for Οrganizations, Βusiness Enterprises, Professionals and Individuals.

Euromare offers group programs concerning health, life and pension for Organizations and Business Enterprises, as well as a variety of special programs in Medical Assistance, under an independent option or as a rider (appendix).

Emergency health incidents requiring immediate medical care, through our programs, are addressing & ensuring employees, executives and entrepreneurs with a direct and immediate access to sanitary units - hospitals, without delay and with immediate handling of any specific incident of any type and of variable degree of importance, protecting the gift of life to every covered person. Thus, those businesses insured are aborting their load and dealing with easiness in tough situations, by showing simultaneously great concern for their employees, social sensitivity and reliability and human approach and so they are gaining social acceptance and good outside testimony.


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Insurance for professionals & individuals
Insurance for businesses

Which of the following do you consider the most important to insure?

  • Your own protection
  • Your future pension
  • Your health
  • Your property