Vessel Insurance (Boat)


All lovers of the sea know very well that a real delight of a journey requires a sense of security and certainty. The professional staff and partners of Euromare Insurance Broker Euromare are in position several modern insurance programs, which completely ensure the safety and security from travelling. Euromare Insurance Broker has the ability to insure any kind of craft you have at your disposal, such as sailing vessels, yachts, inflatable boats, cruisers, jet skis and so forth. Apart from the covers that are compulsory by law (third party civil liability for personal injury, for property-material damage and for causing marine pollution), you can trust the coverage-insurance of your vessel from all potential marine hazards, such as:

• Immersion

• Stranding

• Bump

• Fire

• Explosion

• Piracy

• Earthquake

• Malicious Acts

• Total or partial Theft

• Mechanical Damage

• Transport vessel with trailer Coverage

• Civil liability from/to Skiers

• Legal Protection

The programs that you will be suggested and received from Euromare Insurance Broker not only will ensure your boat-vessel as a property, but also the life of the owner/renter with family and passengers, as well as third party property (in the case of third party involvement).



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