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As a legal term, Liability is whenever someone causes by an act or omission by mistake; physical injury and / or material damage to a third party and is obliged to restore it. In a broad sense, the general definition does not clearly define the requirements that might derive to claimants against the liable party that caused the damage. Hence, with Euromare Insurance Broker you can have confidence that you will be covered regardless of risk and regardless of your profession. Following, the types of Liability Insurance will be discussed in individual insurance coverage from which the most important are:

Civil Liability Insurance

 This is the financial compensation of the insured against third parties, in cases where the insured himself is responsible for causing bodily or material damage or even death. The obligation of the liable party for personal injury or property damage, under the civil law (on tort and other relevant legislation). Where appropriate, are given and relevant extensions, for example: Liability of food poisoning, fire and / or explosion, use of machinery, cargo operations, leaking pipes, etc.


Employer liability

Covers the liability of the employer and of its legal representatives towards its employees for employee accidents during work and employer’s liability (for the excess of social security liabilities - IKA). The compensation that will be required by the employer to pay may cover moral damage, mental anguish, compensation for death or disability, loss of income, etc.

Product Liability

Cover the liability of the manufacturer or processor for damages that may be caused by the product to third party recipients of the product. Under the legislation, the liability of the producer or processor includes the unbiased liability, i.e., the liability for any product defect, whether it turns out to be the fault of the manufacturer or not.

Professional Liability

It concerns the by law liability of the service provider for injurious effects resulted from negligence, error or omission during the exercise of his professional activity. The Professional Liability covers / compensates claims, such as: a) practicing negligence, b) violation of privacy, c) loss of documents and electronic data, d) staff infidelity (under conditions) e) moral damage.

Environmental Liability

Includes liability which covers damages from sudden and accidental or gradual pollution. It covers claims of third parties against pollution inside or outside the insured premises, for cleaning costs from pollution, personal injury, or third party death, property-material damage to third parties and loss of profits in exceptional cases. Furthermore, it covers liability during evacuation of loads for personal injury, or death and property damage to third parties, i.e., third party claims from pollution as a result of maintenance, use, operation, loading or unloading, means of transport outside of the insured company's facilities.

Liability for Board members & Managers (D & O)

Covers the civil liability of members of the Board of Directors and Company Executives, when exercising all their responsibilities, duties or authorities. The "tort" should not involve fraud and generally not include illegal acts or omissions, such as: a) breach of duty, violation of laws / regulations / statutes of the company b) negligence, error, omission c) indiscretion, carelessness, errors, misrepresentation, seducing d) bad management.

Euromare Insurance Broker can recommend insurance solutions for each type of liability.


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