Fish farms are a rapidly growing sector of the Greek economy, strongly export-oriented, driven by the significant increase of fish products demand for consumption in recent years, world widely. Despite the arguably favorable macroeconomic conditions, the sector is facing a number of structural challenges and from time to time economic difficulties.

The expertise of Euromare’s Insurance staff and partners in aquaculture makes them pundits and pioneers in the prevention of production structural peculiarities of the particular sector and the growth of inhibitory factors.

We select the plan that meets your own needs and fully covers any type of business you run in the fishing industry.

We insure:

  • All kinds of fisheries and fish farming (FISH FARMS - FISH PONDS - HATCHERIES)
  • Fisheries of complete cycle (breeding, spawning, fattening, juvenile stock breeding)
  • Commercial cycle (breeding, fattening) with the most advantageous economic proposals.


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