Cargo Insurance


Cargo Insurance is to cover any damage or loss occur in traded goods and merchandise, regardless of value, trafficked with any commonly recognized mean of transport (truck, car, train, plane, boat, barge, etc.) from or towards anywhere in the world. Insured objects can be for example jewelry, machinery and tools, as well as lotteries or gambling cards that have won.

The damage, wear, loss of goods or merchandise may result from any violent, unpredictable or external event. Cargo Insurance policies follow both internationally recognized clauses or terms and those applied in the Greek Insurance Market.

Apart from natural disasters and impact of transportation means, which are considered to be basic coverage, Euromare Insurance Broker can provide for you even further or additional coverage, such as:

  • Damage from rain or contact with foreign substances or other goods- merchandise
  • Theft, petty crime, pilferage, deficit, poor or incoplete delivery
  • Flow
  • Breakage, distortion
  • Rust, oxidation
  • Deck Risks, namely rejection of goods by the ship master or grabbing from the waves
  • Risks of strikes, riots, civil unrest
  • Malicious damage
  • Quality deterioration due to failure of cooling machine
  • Rejection Coverage
  • Coverage of residence and exposure

Choosing Euromare Insurance Broker you can feel secure and you’ll be confident that you will find the insurance policy that will cover 100% of your real needs!


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