Property Insurance


Property are any goods acquired by a human being during his/her lifetime and offer him/her a better quality of life. Such goods may be in general real-estate property (principal residence, cottage, office, office contents / shop, etc.) or movable property (cars, boats, planes, etc.).

Euromare Insurance Broker covers the entire range of risks that can occur in any of your assets, in order to fully protect you and your property from any undesirable and unbearable financial burden.

More specifically, in the case of buildings, whether in house or business premises with its contents, the risks of which you can protect yourself by following the advice of Euromare Insurance Broker, are:

• Fire, lightning
• Earthquake
• Explosion
• Storm, flood
• Breakage Pipe
• Terrorist acts
• Strikes, riots, civil unrest
• Malicious acts
• Vehicle Collision
• Aircraft fall
• Theft
• Third party liability

Property, however, as mentioned above, is the possession of self-propelled objects, such as car, boat, motorcycle, etc. Here, again Euromare Insurance Broker comes to fill up the gaps and protect you from every possibility of damaging your property, by covering all risks involved, such as:

• Third party Liability
• Fire
• Fire from terrorist acts
• Total / Partial Theft
• Breakage of Glass
• Natural Phenomena
• Personal accident of driver
• Legal protection
• Fire Liability
• Liability of transported vehicle
• Own damages
• Malicious acts

Regarding, boat insurance, you can see marine hazards from which you can protect yourself Here.

Then, trust the experts, staff and partners, of Euromare Insurance Broker in order to find what is best for you-the insurance solution that is addressed to the risks you want to cover, tailored-made, according to your real individual or corporate needs.


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