Programs of Life & Health


Life programs have to do with what someone ensures at economic level to relatives or loved ones in case of death. They may also be related to savings for whatever reason, either for the insured (pension plans) or for loved ones (savings plans for studies).

Health programs include hospital and outpatient coverage needs.

Trust Euromare to find the best solutions according to your needs and the disposable capital you are intending to use in order to compensate your relatives.

Life Insurance

Following a frank discussion with Euromare Insurance Broker executive team, you can have at your disposal savings insurance programs which will ensure the future of your children or other relatives / loved ones, who are financially dependent on you, in case you won’t be able to maintain longer. The reasons that will deprive you to afford,  may be partial or total disability and therefore inability to work, or even death.

In cases of life insurance programs, the interested party has to make certain choices, such as:

• the duration of his contract

• the fund size to allocate and respectively seeks to receive

• the way of receiving the compensation fund (in one full payment or in a monthly basis)

• any additional insurance coverage.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance covers hospital and outpatient care for you and your family. Extends beyond medical visits and routine examinations, as well as costs that may incur in the event of serious illness or hospitalization.

Health Insurance is aimed at those who want to have access to high quality medical services ensuring full coverage of the costs incurred within and outside the hospital (medical costs, surgeons, diagnostic tests, etc.), maternity amenities and emergency transfer assistance.

More specifically, with private health insurance, the person has a plurality of coverage and benefits, which are summarized as follows:

1. Civilized and humane conditions

2. Provision of top quality Health services

3. Use of modern therapies and high medical technology treatment

4. Direct Service

5. No waiting

6. Dealing with unpredictable and large expenditures

7. Coverage in Public and Private Medical Services

8. Expanded Physicians options

9. Plethora of Diagnostic Centers and Clinics

10. Preventive Medical Checks

Euromare’s  Insurance Broker qualified staff and specialized partners are willing to discuss every individual needs concerning  you and your family or your employees in order to come up with the best possible proposal for group health insurance, having your full consensus  and by taking into account all necessary actual need criteria and requirements.

Pension Plans

The main purpose of these programs is to provide the employee a complement to his/her main pension and thus to offer the much needed financial security from the moment he/she can’t be productive anymore.

There is a variety of programs where when in retirement the employee will receive a lump sum benefit or in a monthly basis pension throughout his/her lifetime that will complement his/her income.

Euromare Insurance Broker has the necessary experience, training and expertise to properly advise you for every single step concerning the next day in life!



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