Company profile



Euromare Insurance Broker founded in 1997 in Athens and since then has been active in the insurance market with great success. Its success is contributed to the fact that the company executives are fully-trained in their field and advisory services, which are offered, arise after extensive investigation of our clients’ needs. However, mainly the reason of our growth is that we are always in constant search of insurance products that can further benefit primarily our customer, either financially or in terms of benefits, even after the conclusion of a final contract.

Operational Organizational Chart

In order to achieve our main objective, that is to win the full confidence of our client, whether is an individual or a business unit, Euromare Insurance Broker has created special service sections, within the company, to cover all and any kind of insurance need customers have, then to consult them and finally offer them the most appropriate insurance proposals.

Euromare Insurance Broker assists and provides counseling for its clients before, during and after the duration of contract. In particular, our management structure is as follows:

• Board of Directors
• Directorate – General (DG)
• Secretariat
• Business Advisory / Assessment Risk
• Management Contracts / Risk / Loss
• Financial services




The main insurance activities of Euromare Insurance Broker respond to the following fields:

• Aquaculture
• Livestock Sector
• Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
• Boat Insurance
• Transport Insurance
• Property Insurance
• Credit / Guarantee
• Liability
• Life Insurance & Health
Affinity Benefits & Medical Assistance

Euromare Insurance Broker is a certified member of:

Greek Association of Insurance Brokers (SEMA)
• Federation of Mediterranean Insurance Brokers (FMBA)
European Federation of Insurance Brokers (BIPAR)

Insurance for professionals & individuals
Insurance for businesses

Which of the following do you consider the most important to insure?

  • Your own protection
  • Your future pension
  • Your health
  • Your property