Unique Insurance covers and new innovative programs for PROFESSIONALS-BUSINESS ENTERPRISES & INDIVIDUALS!!!

Euromare Insurance Broker ensures comprehensive and integrated insurance services, according to the real and actual needs of each customer throughout the duration of their contract. In addition, Euromare is interested to provide continuously consulting services to all its existing or potential customers. The long time, through years, experience (since 1997) of Euromare Insurance Broker provides specialized insurance solutions in Greek and foreign companies of all business sectors and any activity. Guarantee of the company’s successful course is the long-term and constructive relationship that has been achieved with its customers. Customer trust for all businesses and individual clients is confirmed by the triptych of its insurance methodology that has been established as a regular practice in a permanent basis, such as:

1) Insurance/s Risk Analysis

The thorough investigation of your needs is our first and foremost concern, in order to propose the best and most suitable solution that will cover your actual needs with complete certainty and will serve you perfectly. The investigation of real and actual needs for each of our clients has to be done by taking into account several factors, such as specific or not business risks that we must consider for the best suitable contract in insurance, the premium and of course the essential and complete compensation, resulting from a possible advent of risk. Further, Euromare in each case with a high degree of responsibility will notify and advise all of its customers for the fullest, integrated and most comprehensive insurance coverage.

2) Designing the best and most suitable Insurance Solution

After recording fully all your needs, our specialized staff and partners, who feature the necessary training, expertise and experience in business consulting (Insurance Consulting), as well as Risk Assessment will submit Euromare’s Insurance Broker proposals which will meet and fulfill your total needs. Together, we will come up and conclude with the most advantageous and complete – in all respects – insurance coverage.

3) Implementation and Management of every proposed Insurance Solution

Euromare Insurance Broker never ends customer collaboration with the conclusion of a contract. We are always standing next to each one of our clients in every stage, in order to examine and reevaluate, whether the insurance solution we offered fully meets their needs. Euromare continuous explore and investigate customer needs as they may alter and need adjustments, always in collaboration and conjunction with the client (follow-up). Further, it is in the philosophy of Euromare Insurance Broker to continuously update insurance products and add more innovative insurance policies in order to serve its clientele. Euromare also conducts new re-evaluation of risks, which in turn may result in a corresponding modification of covers, as well as a minimization of insurance costs to our insured customers (Insurance Integrated Technical and after sales service).


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Insurance for professionals & individuals
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