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The most essential and necessary insurance for all of those doing business!

Credit insurance is intended to cover financial losses and risks that may be due to insolvency and refusal of commercial payments, as well as the prolonged postponement of respective debts repayment. It covers businesses that sell goods or services on credit to customers that have commercial identity, based either in Greece or abroad.

Moreover, the filling of certain positions of trust within a company, such as the treasurer, equipment or hardware manager, an adviser, etc., may result sometimes in financial losses for the company, due to inability of people holding these positions. The purpose of direct guarantees insurance (Fidelity Guarantee) is to protect the insured from the impotency of employees and associates, which in turn can manifest in the breach of financial obligations, as well as the unlawful misappropriation.

Correspondingly, indirect are good project performance guarantees, loan repayment, fulfillment of obligation from participation in procurement contracts and other commercial guarantees (Commercial Fidelity Guarantees), for which usually guaranteeing activity is exercised by banks with relevant banking letters of credit.

Constantly monitoring and watching the changing needs of the business world, we offer you the implementation of a rational credit policy to prevent bad debts and reduce credit risk. The mature use of the credit contract is really feasible.

Our well trained staff and consultants are able to cover every possible insecurity in the following areas of trade and export credits:

• General Insolvency
• Export Credit
• Sales in installments
• Mortgages
• Agricultural Credit,

while offering the best value credit insurance with the cheapest and most possible advantageous terms for the client.


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